Solar Integrated Charging Stations

We provide design and installation of integrated charging stations by combining vehicle charging stations used for the needs of electric vehicles with grid integrated solar power plants.

With the prediction that electric vehicles will be used intensively in the future, we are working hard to reduce energy costs and to meet the energy demand without fuel costs other than investment costs.

We offer efficient and quality solutions to our customers for these systems, which we consider essential to get rid of fossil fuels and reduce our country’s need for oil.


We are with you in Consultancy and Financial Support, Engineering and Project Design, Turnkey Installation, Operation Maintenance Repair and Discovery Processes.


Free observations are made for the location where investment is desired. These observations are a reference for examining technically and financially and presenting the most appropriate solutions to the investor.

Consulting and Financial Support

For these long-term investments, the most accurate engineering and financial support services are provided to the customers.

Turnkey Installation

Turnkey installation is carried out with a policy of quality workmanship, correct material selection and a relationship of trust.

Operation Maintenance Repair

In order to ensure the long-lasting operation of the established facility, in addition to preventive and preventive maintenance works, emergency response support is provided.

Engineering and Projecting

After the investment decision is taken, projecting and design studies are carried out in line with cost/efficiency/needs.