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Engineering Service

On the way to energy independence, the expansion of renewable energy resources, which are the natural riches of our country, emerges as an indispensable need. In this way, we have determined as our vision to offer the most effective solutions in line with the interests of our country, with its young and dynamic structure and our expert staff devoted to development.

In line with our goals, we have made it our Mission to provide optimum solutions within the framework of Quality and Trust principles and to leave a more livable and strong future to our future generations.

We create added value with our team that has been serving the industry for many years. This added value creates an advantage for investors both in the field and at the design stage.

200+ Kurulum ve Mühendislik Hizmeti

Our Solutions

Solins Energy - Çözüm Alanlarımız - Konutlar

Residential type SPP solutions

Solins Energy - Çözüm Alanlarımız - Tarımsal Çözümler

SPP solutions for agricultural products manufacturers

Solins Energy - Çözüm Alanlarımız - Endüstriyel Tesisler
Industrial Facilities

Factories, shopping and business centers etc. facilities with intense electrical energy needs

Solins Energy - Çözüm Alanlarımız - Santraller
Power Plants

Fully commercial solar power plants

Solins Energy - Çözüm Alanlarımız - Solar Aydınlatma
Solar Lighting

Wireless, solar powered lighting solutions

Solins Energy has successfully commissioned projects of many different sizes, from utility-scale power plants to smaller household-type projects.

Contact us for solar energy systems suitable for your needs.​

With our work, we leave a more livable world to future generations.


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We are with you in Consultancy and Financial Support, Engineering and Project Design, Turnkey Installation, Operation Maintenance Repair and Discovery Processes.


Free observations are made for the location where investment is desired. These observations are a reference for examining technically and financially and presenting the most appropriate solutions to the investor.

Consulting and Financial Support

For these long-term investments, the most accurate engineering and financial support services are provided to the customers.

Turnkey Installation

Turnkey installation is carried out with a policy of quality workmanship, correct material selection and a relationship of trust.

Operation Maintenance Repair

In order to ensure the long-lasting operation of the established facility, in addition to preventive and preventive maintenance works, emergency response support is provided.

Engineering and Projecting

After the investment decision is taken, projecting and design studies are carried out in line with cost/efficiency/needs.